Warrior Strong Wellness


Warriors are those who press forward even when, especially when, things get hard. Strong in mind, body, and spirit, Warriors have a desire to pursue their best selves and to support others in their own journeys as well.

Warrior Strong Wellness was created to support Warriors in their personal pursuit of wellness. Founder Mary Ricciardi has always had a passion for helping others and for sharing her expertise in health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Made from the best ingredients, and packing the maximum benefit, Warrior Strong Wellness Transformational Supplements are the perfect addition to anyone’s journey to wellness.


Our Mission at Warrior Strong Wellness (WSW) is to be an inspiring and trustworthy leader in the wellness community.


Warrior Strong Wellness provides innovative and high-quality transformational supplements, as well as solutions for living a warrior-strong lifestyle. Warrior Strong Wellness gives back to help raise awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer.

Founder Mary Ricciardi

Mary Ricciardi is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Gut Health Specialist, Certified Stress and Mindset Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Certified  Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Trainer. 

Mary Ricciardi is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and loves encouraging others to be WARRIOR STRONG through faith, fitness, nutrition, self-confidence and body kindness. She believes that when it comes to a wellness journey – Peace should be the ultimate goal.

Mary has struggled with emotional eating and body image issues and, after finally surrendering it all and trusting God with her health, she was led to become a wellness professional in 2010.  Helping people to find their true worth and authentic self and learn to walk in that worthiness daily is a passion of Mary’s.  She has a huge heart for the person who struggles with their inner spirit, their total wellness and body confidence, and believing that they can become the healthiest version of themselves in mind, body, and spirit. Mary encourages people to change their insides and so their outsides can reflect transformed minds, energized bodies and renewed spirits.

Mary believes we can be warrior strong even through the painful moments that life can bring. As an Angel Warrior Momma, a term given to those whose children have completed their battles with childhood cancer, she knows a pain that she prays no mom will ever have to walk through. Although her grief is painful, she has found a renewed courage and joy again and encourages others to push through as well.  She spreads her knowledge about wellness wisdom as a Certified Gut Health and Nutrition Specialist and shares about mindset empowerment as a Certified Stress and Mindset Life Coach on social media and genuinely wants to help everyone to live a warrior strong lifestyle.