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All new bone broth smoothies you must try!

Bone broth is the new rage in the fitness industry. But we can’t blame them! Bone broth is the perfect way to give your body the nutrition you might be missing out on in your meals. It is packed with all the good stuff that helps improve your immunity, heal your gut and works wonders [...]

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7 Steps To Strong And Healthy Bones

Bones play a very important role in your body. They provide your body with a sturdy structure, protect your internal organs and are the storehouse for calcium. Your body works towards building adequate bone density through your childhood and adolescent years. By the age of 30, your bone density has reached its peak. But lately, [...]

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Hair Loss: Can Collagen Prevent Hair Thinning And Promote Hair Growth?

The hair on your towels, on the hairbrush, on your car seat and even on your clothes; It is embarrassing but alarming, more so. Pollution, age-related issues and inadequate nutrition are common causes of hair loss today. If you suffer from hair loss, you should know this- You are not alone! Research suggests that 66% [...]

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6 Tips On How To Look And Feel Young After 40

Wouldn’t we trade anything to stay young forever? But none of us can escape old age because aging is inevitable. “Aging is a fact, looking your age is not”- Howard Mo Would you believe us, if we told you that you could be 40 going on 24? Look and feel younger with these tips: Eat [...]

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5 Ways to Heal Your Gut and Improve the Immune System

We live in a fast paced world with high speed internet, fast cars, extraordinary technology and fast food. When you live in a world where time is money, health often stands neglected. More often than not, bad lifestyle practices bring about poor immune health which in turn leads to a lot of health conditions and [...]

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Bone Health: All That Women Need To Know

Human bones are surprisingly strong and hard yet light enough so that we’re able to move about and perform several activities in the course of a day. Bones are composed of proteins, calcium and other minerals, tissues and living cells. They are of different types – specifically so evolved as to serve different needs of [...]

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Surprising Health Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever got up in the morning thinking you didn’t sleep well at night? How did your day go? Well, if you feel lethargic and cranky after a sleepless night, you can imagine that the opposite will happen if you do sleep well.  Additionally, getting a good night’s sleep can provide loads of long-term [...]

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Top 5 Pre-Workout Foods you Should Try

Many of you may wonder why you need to eat before exercise, so let’s start off by first understanding the importance of pre-workout foods. You need to fuel your body before every workout; will your phone work if you don’t charge it?. Working out requires nutrition and energy to be provided to your body, and [...]

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Want to Age Gracefully? Try Nutritional Supplements for Better Results

Did you know that 4 out of 5 senior citizens develop at least one chronic illness or condition such as arthritis, heart disorders or osteoporosis? That’s what age does to an individual and as you reach an age of 65; you become more prone to such illnesses. Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Heart Disorders, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, [...]

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9 Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Our bodies need a certain amount of cholesterol, but if it becomes too much, it could lead to plaque and clogging of arteries, elevating your risk of heart disease. There are three components: LDL – low-density lipoproteins, also known as ‘bad’ cholesterol, HDL – high-density lipoprotein, or ‘good’ cholesterol, and triglycerides. You need to maintain [...]

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Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Whenever you’re under stress, your adrenal glands produce cortisol, to help regulate blood pressure and your cardiovascular system. Adrenal fatigue is brought on when you’re undergoing chronic stress; this is because your adrenal glands cannot produce unlimited cortisol. In a nutshell – your adrenal glands get tired. With no or less cortisol, your blood pressure [...]

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7 Reasons you Should Use Ashwagandha to Stay Fit

Ashwagandha is an herb also known as Indian ginseng; its roots have been shown to benefit health in many different ways. It has been used in India as a medicine and general health tonic for thousands of years.  It is known as an ‘adaptogen’; meaning it can help your body manage stress. Here are some [...]

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