Have you seen ad commercials where the actor wakes up looking fresh as a daisy? Haha, yes, doesn’t really happen. Does it? In reality, you snooze your alarm too many times and then you are running late. Forget the gym, you don’t have time for breakfast, so you grab junk on the go and this vicious cycle repeats itself every single day.
The weekends are exceptions. You sleep in late and then it’s time for brunch! Sounds like fun? Not really!

Irregular sleep habits ruin your internal clock cycle and this could really harm your bodily functions and cause serious health problems.

Sleep related health problems

Doctors often urge their patients to get enough sleep because cutting down on sleeping hours is never good news. Poor sleep quality brings about the following short term health problems-

-Poor attention span
-Impaired memory
-Mood swings and that jittery feeling

If that wasn’t enough, health practitioners and researchers have found that many serious health ailments are associated with chronic sleep deprivation. High blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, stroke and premature aging to name a few.

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How can sleep help you stay fit?

“I go to the gym to stay fit.” You might think….But all of it is in vain if you don’t get enough sleep beside following a strict diet and exercise routine.

  1. Improved memory- Did you know? Your mind does not shut down while you take a nap. During your hours of sleeping, your mind actively reinforces memories and programs itself to perform the skills you learned during the day. This process is known as consolidation. This is how you perform better after you snooze. Be it a new note on your guitar or something new at school, a nice nap will empower your performance the following day.
  2. You hit the gym regularly and take your bone broth protein supplements too. But, in order for these exercises to actually work on your body,  you must hit the bed too. It is said that without sufficient sleep, the exercises do not deliver the desired benefits.
  3. Reign in your stress levels while you snooze. Sleep is said to reduce stress levels and successively helps in controlling blood pressure. So give yourself adequate hours of sleep every day.
  4. Sleeping well every day helps you keep depression at bay. Medical research suggests that a good sleep routine has helped people with mood swings decrease their anxiety and moreover, sleep improves emotional stability.
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight while you rest. Surprised? Don’t be. Going on a diet needs more than just meal prepping. You need to plan your bedtime too. Researchers have found that dieters who were well rested have lost more fat compared to those who didn’t get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation during diets lead to increased metabolism and that makes you more hungry.
  6. A good nap helps curb inflammation. Inflammation is often associated with ailments such as stroke, diabetes, heart conditions and even premature aging. People who people fewer hours at night are susceptible to the above mentioned health issues.

Although sleep recommendations vary for individuals according to age, a minimum of 7 hours is required to keep anybody healthy. Go to bed early and try pure ashwagandha supplements (like I do!) to keep a check on your stress level.

Sleep your way to good health!

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