Bone Broth Collagen & Other Natural Foods for Ulcerative Colitis

If you live with ulcerative colitis, you are likely searching for natural ways to deal with this health condition. Let’s begin by discussing what ulcerative colitis is and its symptoms. Then we will look at the benefits of three types of foods: fermented foods, prebiotic foods, and bone broth collagen.  What Is Ulcerative Colitis? What [...]

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Exercise: The Perfect Start to Altering Gut Microbiota

The gut microbiota comprises all of the microbes living in your intestines. You are likely well aware that what we eat can affect the healthy bacteria in our gut in either a positive or negative way. You may even be taking a bone broth collagen supplement to help restore your gut bacteria. On the other [...]

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Why Try an Elimination Diet Before Starting a Bone Broth Collagen Supplement?

We’re going to break down how to perform an elimination diet the right way. We will look at this diagnostic diet in three phases. First, we will consider the elimination phase, where you change your diet dramatically for some time. Then we will look at the reintroduction stage, which will help you to learn which [...]

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