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How to Heal Leaky Gut in Four Steps

You probably hear a lot about leaky gut when researching health. What is leaky gut? Is it possible that this problem is at the root of your symptoms? We’re going to answer those essential questions and then reveal to you a four-step plan to get rid of leaky gut and help your body start the [...]

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The Best Collagen Peptides Powder for Dehydration Recovery

There can be various levels of dehydration with different effects on the body. What happens to the body when you are not drinking enough water? How is collagen in the body affected? Can replacing these vital proteins with the best collagen peptides powder help you to recover? Here are a few things that you should [...]

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Relieve Foot Pain with These Simple Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

Your feet do a lot of work every day. From standing to walking and jumping to running, we ask our feet to absorb a great deal of impact. Plantar fasciitis is a widespread form of foot pain. What is it? How does it happen? What exercises can you do at home to help relieve the [...]

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Celery Juice Benefits – Is There Something Better?

Freshly pressed celery juice seems to be on everyone’s radar thanks to social media influencers and health influencers on YouTube. People are waking up in the morning and immediately putting celery in a juicer. They think drinking 16 ounces of this magic elixir will provide digestive, skin, and mood benefits. Is it true? Is there [...]

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