5 Steps to Care for Your Feet as You Age

Wearing the right shoes, doing foot exercises, and taking bone broth collagen supplements are just some of the ways you can take care of your aging feet.  Has it crossed your mind how important your feet are? No? Well, our feet are doing a hell of a job. An average person will walk 100,000 miles [...]

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7 Steps To Strong And Healthy Bones

Bones play a very important role in your body. They provide your body with a sturdy structure, protect your internal organs and are the storehouse for calcium. Your body works towards building adequate bone density through your childhood and adolescent years. By the age of 30, your bone density has reached its peak. But lately, [...]

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Bone Health: All That Women Need To Know

Human bones are surprisingly strong and hard yet light enough so that we’re able to move about and perform several activities in the course of a day. Bones are composed of proteins, calcium and other minerals, tissues and living cells. They are of different types – specifically so evolved as to serve different needs of [...]

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