Celery Juice Benefits – Is There Something Better?

Freshly pressed celery juice seems to be on everyone’s radar thanks to social media influencers and health influencers on YouTube. People are waking up in the morning and immediately putting celery in a juicer. They think drinking 16 ounces of this magic elixir will provide digestive, skin, and mood benefits. Is it true? Is there [...]

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Should You Drink Celery Juice in the Morning?

One of the biggest fads when it comes to health recommendations on social media is drinking celery juice first thing in the morning. Before you jump on the bandwagon, there are a few things that you should know. Today, we are going to address the following questions: Is the celery juice fad safe? Should you [...]

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Celery Juice: A Healthy Trend or Trendy Waste of Time?

If you do a search for celery juice on Instagram, you get over 179,000 posts as of the preparation time of this article. There are even thousands of celery juice challenge posts with people advertising the latest online craze of drinking celery juice every day for a week. What are the supposed benefits? Is it [...]

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