The 5 Collagen Types Your Body Needs (and Why You Need Them All)

There are many different collagen supplements on the market today. So how can you know which one will provide you with the optimal benefits that you need? The secret is to understand the different collagen types. To help, we’re going to discuss 5 different collagen types that your body needs and the benefits of each [...]

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What Is Collagen Powder? (And How to Use It)

To understand what collagen powder is, we have to begin by answering the question: what is collagen? In short, this is a protein that is commonly found in the body. In fact, collagen is extremely prolific in the skin. That explains why you always see collagen in health and beauty products. It is something that [...]

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Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Collagen

You have probably noticed collagen is a common ingredient in many health and beauty products. This is because collagen has many potential benefits, whether you want to feel your best or look your best. Here are the top 10 amazing benefits of collagen. #1. Helps Control Leaky Gut Syndrome Leaky gut syndrome is a condition [...]

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