What Is the Paleo Diet? Should You Give It a Try?

The latest dietary fad is the paleo diet. It stands for the paleolithic period, so the idea is that you would be getting back to eating the way the earliest humans did. Of course, there is no way to know with absolute certainty what our earliest ancestors ate. But the paleo diet goes by the [...]

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Leaky Gut Syndrome – Why Bone Broth Collagen Is the Answer

What is leaky gut syndrome? How can you know if you have it? Why is bone broth collagen your new best friend if you are dealing with this health problem? We’re about to help you get to the bottom of one of the most common and mysterious health conditions that are affecting people right now. [...]

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Multi Collagen Protein Powder Vs Bone Broth & Collagen Superfood Powder: Know The Differences

You’ve read about the different types of collagen and the benefits each offer. Warrior Strong Wellness brings you two different superfoods: Multi Collagen Protein Powder, and Bone Broth & Collagen Superfood Powder. Take a look at the differences between these two supplements and learn which one may be the best for you based on your [...]

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Top 5 Pre-Workout Foods you Should Try

Many of you may wonder why you need to eat before exercise, so let’s start off by first understanding the importance of pre-workout foods. You need to fuel your body before every workout; will your phone work if you don’t charge it?. Working out requires nutrition and energy to be provided to your body, and [...]

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