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Natural Ways to Cope with That Pain in Your Neck

Neck pain is one of the most common problems affecting Americans today. Chronic pain in the neck can have all sorts of causes in the modern world. For example, things like working in an office, working from home without a proper setup, checking your phone 100 times per day, or just being perpetually stressed out [...]

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Celery Juice: A Healthy Trend or Trendy Waste of Time?

If you do a search for celery juice on Instagram, you get over 179,000 posts as of the preparation time of this article. There are even thousands of celery juice challenge posts with people advertising the latest online craze of drinking celery juice every day for a week. What are the supposed benefits? Is it [...]

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Guide to Buying Multi-Collagen Protein Powders/Supplements

As we get older, we age, start to have more aches and pains, see more and more wrinkles develop, and experience many other problems. A surprising amount of these issues relate to one particular form of protein – collagen. Collagen proteins naturally occur in the body, but sometime in our 20s or 30s production drops [...]

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