5 Steps to Building Stronger Bones and Increasing Bone Collagen Levels

Strong bones are vital, especially as we age. Part of the reason for this involves bone collagen. As we age, collagen levels in the body drop, and since this is the primary protein your body uses as a building block, that can spell trouble for your bones.  We’re going to look at five essential steps [...]

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Why Dietary Fiber Has to Be a Part of Everyone’s Diet

Whether you are hearing it from your doctor, your friends, or on the news, probably someone in your life is encouraging you to get more fiber. We hear about it in everything from cereal commercials to comedic routines. What is dietary fiber, and why is it such a critical component of your diet? Here are [...]

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The Best Collagen Protein for Walking and Improving Joint Health

Warrior Strong Wellness wants to provide you with the best collagen protein and ashwagandha supplements to add to your exercise routine. But before we get to that, we want to discuss some of the benefits of walking, especially for joint health and pain relief.  How can walking improve arthritis pain? How can I walk more [...]

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Combating the Mental & Physical Effects of Perimenopause/Menopause

Menopause and its predecessor, perimenopause, are often accompanied by significant changes in the female body. We’re going to take a closer look at some of the early indicators of perimenopause and how menopause can have physical and mental effects. Then we will consider some supplements that may be able to help navigate this change in [...]

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The Importance of Collagen Supplements When Strength Training

Resistance or strength training is a popular form of exercise. It can boost your overall health, including your immune system function and even your mood. Exercise improves blood flow, can help a person to lose weight, and can also reduce pain levels in the body. It’s a great activity for just about anyone. You do [...]

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Symptoms of Brain Fog, and How to Find Natural Relief

Brain fog is a term that is used to describe a series of cognitive symptoms. These symptoms are usually associated with particular health conditions. For example, you may experience brain fog if you are dealing with Celiac disease, fibromyalgia, or a number of other chronic conditions. However, brain fog can also be related to a [...]

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The Top Nutrients You Need for Strong, Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis is the medical term that is used to describe significant bone loss in the body or failure of the body to produce enough bone. It is most common in women ages 50 and up. However, estimates state that not only will half of women over the age of 50 suffer a broken bone but [...]

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Select the Best Collagen Peptide Protein Powder

Collagen peptide protein powder has many uses when it comes to health and beauty. You can use it to help you put on lean muscle, improve the quality of your hair and nails, take fine lines and wrinkles out of your skin, heal leaky gut, improve your joint health, and more! The immune system benefits [...]

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Collagen – The Natural Alternative to Plastic Surgery

According to USA Today, Americans spent over $16 billion on plastic surgery and minimally-invasive procedures. in 2016 alone. The most popular treatment during that time period was Botox. 7 million people got Botox injections in 2016 to the tune of about $385 per treatment. The idea behind Botox is tightening of the skin so that [...]

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What Is Collagen Powder? (And How to Use It)

To understand what collagen powder is, we have to begin by answering the question: what is collagen? In short, this is a protein that is commonly found in the body. In fact, collagen is extremely prolific in the skin. That explains why you always see collagen in health and beauty products. It is something that [...]

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Multi Collagen Protein Powder Vs Bone Broth & Collagen Superfood Powder: Know The Differences

You’ve read about the different types of collagen and the benefits each offer. Warrior Strong Wellness brings you two different superfoods: Multi Collagen Protein Powder, and Bone Broth & Collagen Superfood Powder. Take a look at the differences between these two supplements and learn which one may be the best for you based on your [...]

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