Surprising Benefits of Deep Breathing

Breathing is something that we do automatically every minute of every single day. We can’t live without it. You may also notice that your breathing reflects what is going on in your life. A person who is sick may find it difficult to breathe. A person who is stressed or anxious may breathe faster and [...]

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Top 5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Maybe you regularly set New Year’s resolutions in the 2010s with those goals in mind but failed to reach them as of yet. How can you start 2020 off the right way? Here are the top 5 healthy New Year’s resolutions for 2020 and some tips to [...]

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The Best Collagen Protein Supplement and Other Constipation Remedies

Constipation is an epidemic in America, with about 20% of the population having trouble staying regular despite their best efforts. What is constipation, and how can you combat it naturally? Here are a few home remedies for constipation and the best collagen protein supplement to help you get things moving along again.   What Is [...]

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The Importance Of Brain Health And How Ashwagandha Can Help You

The term brain health may sound absurd to you, but did you know? Brain health is as important as your physical health. We are all conscious of our physical health, ergo we eat healthy, follow good habits and exercise regularly and also neglect brain health in the process. Although brain health is considered an important [...]

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