Having Headaches and Tensed Neck? Improve Your Posture!

Headaches and neck tension can come about due to bad posture. Learn why good posture matters and some ways to get rid of your pains. (Take multi collagen protein powder, for instance!) Still remember when your childhood PE teacher has told you countless times to sit up straight and never slouch? As it turns out, [...]

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Bone Health: All That Women Need To Know

Human bones are surprisingly strong and hard yet light enough so that we’re able to move about and perform several activities in the course of a day. Bones are composed of proteins, calcium and other minerals, tissues and living cells. They are of different types – specifically so evolved as to serve different needs of [...]

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Top Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally

In our fast paced world, a large portion of the society silently suffers from stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety leads to sleeping disorders, everybody knows that! But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Chronic stress wreaks havoc with your stress hormones and keeps them elevated, to the extent that it could suppress [...]

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