It is BEST to MIX BRISKLY with a wire whisk or battery operated wire frother in coffee or tea or hot cocoa. If making bulletproof type fat coffee add the ghee or grass fed butter, MCT oil or coconut oil add a scoop of WSW powder and then add the coffee and use a frother inside of your cup or you can put all of that into a blender for a more frothy type of coffee.

May add to hot soups, stews, broths, gravy or any hot recipes as well.

It’s BEST to BLEND the powder in a blender or hand held electric Mixer. Can mix it into a smoothie or shake mixed with coconut milk or almond milk or fresh juices or dairy and can add vegetables, fruit or any whole food items.

Can add into any recipe or yogurt, pancakes, muffins or oatmeal.

** NOT IDEAL to MIX ALONE in WATER- It is unflavored and has no sugar.

ALL of them! Eating Clean, Keto or Ketogenic diet, Atkins diet, Paleo diet, Whole 30 diet, Daniel Plan, Shepherds diet, 131 diet method.

No not at all. It can be taken with hot or cold liquids and it does not reduce its effectiveness.

This depends on the individual. Most customers do great with 1 scoop a day. However, if someone is trying to boost their immune system due to sickness or is experiencing pain currently, it is recommended to take 2 or more scoops a day.

Types I, II, III or (1,2,3)

None it is unflavored and has no taste. However, it is not recommended to be mixed in water alone as it will not taste good by itself.  It is meant to be added to coffee, smoothies, shakes, soups, yogurts, oatmeal and recipes.

16 oz -Approximately 30 servings if you choose to have only 1 scoop per day.

7500 mg of collagen peptides & 7500 mg of bone broth.

14 grams of protein per 15g scoop (can add 2 scoops at a time or to have 2-4 scoops throughout the day if desired).

0 grams- it has NO sugar.

0 grams – it has NO Carbohydrates.

Yes it is grain and gluten free and  we use 100% grass fed pasture raised bovine (cattle).

Most people experience some changes right away while others it can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to notice. Consistency is definitely key when it comes to this!

A scoop a day everyday is the best way to getting the most benefits!

While everyone experiences different benefits depending on what their body is needing nutrient wise, most of our customers are experiencing reduction of inflammation and added energy after using it  for a couple of weeks.

Digestive health and experiencing becoming more regular happens usually after the first month of use, however if you have been struggling with this for years-  it may take a little longer for you but once you take this supplement regularly… you will be REGULAR always! It is one of our customers favorite benefits! Some experience relief from joint pain, back pain, knee pain and other pain,  your immune system will be stronger than ever before and fights colds and flu. Calms mind and promotes healthy sleep cycles. Heals leaky gut, helps to detox the body,promotes strong bones, teeth, nails and hair. Reduces cellulite and stretch marks, helps with recovery from workouts or surgeries, builds muscle mass, boosts metabolism, improves energy, reduces stiffness, keeps you feeling full and anti-aging benefits.

Our Bone Broth comes from the hydrolyzation of 100% pure grass fed pasture raised bovine (cattle) bones. (no cartilage is used)

Our Collagen comes from the hydrolyzation of 100% pure grass fed pasture raised bovine (cattle) hide.